By V.R. (Jim) Damiano, Jr.
November 11, 2002

Grand and glorious pillar of Utica's past,
Beacon to an illustrious future,
Phoenix of old, its symbolic posture,
Guiding light to a city's history,
Cornucopia of Americana's elite.

Awaiting its new role as the future unfolds,
Where President's once walked its elaborate halls,
From notoriety to every day citizen,
Guest lists that read from a nation's pride,
Names that glow from our history,
Roosevelt, Taft and lesser politicians all,
Heroes and heroines slumbered here,
Athletes and entertainers have known its peace,
While Vice Presidents, Governors and the renown,
Kennedy, Durante, Rockefeller and Darrin,
Immigrant and laborer blended within,
Small sampling of too many to list,
Gave glow to this Central city,
Its presence spectacular.

Witness to two world wars,
The great Depression sandwiched between,
Facing decline in the sixties wrath,
Victim to hard times,
Facing feast and famine, joy and pain,
Its illustrious portals rekindle lost flame,
While decorative walls continue to serve,
Man's ever present need for a welcomed shelter,
For Business and pleasure,
Weddings and sorrow,
Board for every need and every purpose.
Doors opening in past and present,
Witness to a brighter future,
Hope for the return,
Of Utica's glorious past.


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